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What Lies Behind the Statistics?

Centre for Child & Family Justice Research

A podcast series which examines the interpretative work of compiling statistics, and shares conversations with parents, policy makers and practitioners about the implications of findings.

This series is produced by researchers at the Universities of Lancaster and Swansea. The team is called the Family Justice Data Partnership and we are pioneering the use of large scale anonymised data to ask pressing questions about family justice.

We are grateful to our funders who are the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory and ADR UK (UKRI and ESRC).

All our work benefits from, and would not be possible, without collaborations with families, practitioners and policy makers.

Special thanks to Cafcass and Cafcass Cymru.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Area Level Deprivation
Mar 27 2023
Area Level Deprivation
The socio-economic context children grow up in is extremely important to their wellbeing. Research has shown that families in deprived areas are more likely to also struggle with family disruption. This podcast, hosted by Dr Laura Cowley, presents research findings on associations between area-deprivation, child social care expenditure and the numbers of children entering s31 care proceedings in local authorities in England and Wales. It draws from work by Dr Stefanie Doebler, Prof Karen Broadhurst, Dr Bachar Alrouh and Dr Linda Cusworth in the Nuffield Family Justice Data Partnership. Publications this podcast is based on will be regularly updated here:Doebler, Stefanie, Bachar Alrouh, Karen Broadhurst, Stuart Bedston, Linda Cusworth, Ashley Akbari, David Ford, and Lucy J. Griffiths. 2021. “Explaining High Rates of Infants in Care Proceedings in Deprived Areas of Wales.” London: Nuffield Family Justice Observatory., Stefanie, Karen Broadhurst, Bachar Alrouh, Linda Cusworth, and Lucy Griffiths. 2022. “Born into Care: Associations between Area-Level Deprivation and the Rates of Children Entering Care Proceedings in Wales.” Children and Youth Services Review 141 (October): 106595. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.