Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena

Ed Berliner

Emmy award winning news & sports journalist Ed Berliner is "The Man in the Arena", welcoming in guests from the worlds of entertainment, politics, sports, human interest, music, and whatever else catches his attention. Excellent guests, stimulating no-holds barred conversation with fascinating people and topics.

The Battle for Ukraine: Putin may get what he wants, due to decades of mistakes by NATO & the West.Ukraine vs. Putin & Russia: From Ground Zero, this is whom the people blame for war.EXTINCTION ALERT: Major League Baseball & Actually going to games for the “Big 5” sports.Damn the metrics! FULL SPEED AHEAD in saving baseball from idiot owners & stats geeks!Nazis in America: Failing political leadership allowing anti-Semitism to flourish.Vax or You’re Fired. “N-Word” knee jerk in Denver. Tribute to ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. PAY THOSE COLLEGE ATHLETES!Taking a hard line against idiots on planes. No sympathy for COVID19 deniers. No more aging rockers!“Free 4 All”: Angry old men remain pissed at Simone Biles & Megan Rapinoe. Racism or just “get off my lawn”?Vaccinate or walk. Bile on Biles from the usual right wing wingnuts. No #MAGA in hockey!The despicable critics of Simone Biles. Dearth of talent in sports broadcasting. “Team America” PC.