Love in Islam Q&A w/ Dr. Tamara Gray | Islamic feelings

Islamic Feelings ♡

Mar 14 2023 • 42 mins

Love in islam is a complicated topic. Unfortunately, with the severe spread of false information on social media, it becomes difficult to navigate what exactly Islam says. So I went on my Instagram and asked you guys to send in your questions for our special guest, Dr. Tamara Gray to answer :) ♡ Dr. Tamara Gray is a founder of Rabata. She holds a doctorate in leadership from the University of St. Thomas, a master’s degree in Curriculum Theory and Instruction from Temple University, and spent twenty years studying traditional and classical Islamic sciences, Quran, and Arabic in Damascus, Syria. Dr. Gray is also an author and translator. Her publications range from several culturally appropriate English language curriculum programs to translations of sacred texts. She has authored two books: Joy Jots: Exercises for a happy heart & Project Lina: Bringing our whole selves to Islam, and co-translated the Mukhtasir al-Jami’ fi al-Sīra al-Nabawiyya by Samīra Zayid [Compendium of the Collection of Sources on al-Sīra al-Nabawiyya] In addition to her work at Rabata, Dr. Gray sits on the Collegeville Institute’s Inter-religious Fellows Program, working to develop educational programming for faith leaders around social justice issues & serves as both faculty and an academic council member for The Islamic Seminary of America --- Support this podcast: