Pioneering Empathy and AI, with Founder and CEO of Mpathic AI, Dr Grin Lord (MDE486)

Leadership, Brand Strategy & Transformation - Minter Dialogue

Sep 17 2022 • 58 mins

Minter Dialogue with Dr Grin Lord Dr Grin Lord is a licensed clinical psychologist, based in Bellevue WA, who's also a repeat entrepreneur, and a pioneer in all things Empathy and AI. She was the first employee at Lyssn (using AI to help wellness and behavioral health providers improve the quality of service and outcomes) and has worked at Youper, and founded the community, Therapists in Tech. She's now founder and and CEO of Mpathic.AI, helping people and organizations develop skills for greater understanding, compassion, and insight via AI-powered analytics, correction, and training of empathy. In this conversation, we explore her journey, what is empathy, how to measure it, the evolutions of empathy in tech and AI, her startup Mpathic AI. If you've got comments or questions you'd like to see answered, send your email or audio file to; or you can find the show notes and comment on If you liked the podcast, please take a moment to go over to iTunes or your favourite podcast channel, to rate/review the show. Otherwise, you can find me @mdial on Twitter.