Business Trends in Practice with Bernard Marr, Author, Strategist and Speaker (MDE485)

Leadership, Brand Strategy & Transformation - Minter Dialogue

Sep 10 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

Minter Dialogue with Bernard Marr Bernard Marr is an internationally recognised speaker and business strategist, a best-selling author and advisor to global companies and governments around the world. He's a renowned futurist who writes regularly for Forbes and is one of the world's most successful social media influencers at the intersection of tech and business. In this conversation, we discuss his book, Business Trends in Practice, overall winner of the Business Book Award 2022. We look at the scope and ambition of the book, some of the key business skills that leaders will need, including good citizenship, innovation, creativity and interpersonal skills. We exam the qualities of and need for resilience, authenticity and ethics.  If you've got comments or questions you'd like to see answered, send your email or audio file to; or you can find the show notes and comment on If you liked the podcast, please take a moment to rate/review the show on RateThisPodcast. Otherwise, you can find me @mdial on Twitter.