The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Pavel from NFT Plazas // 08-15-2022

The Music NFT Show

Aug 15 2022 • 48 mins

The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Pavel from NFT Plazas // 08-15-2022

Quick summary: An interview with Pavel from NFT Plazas, SoundMint stemming, the MTVaverse, 420 gens, and Music Launchpad from Coopahtroopa.

"Welcome to The Music NFT Show with J. Thorn - The first weekly news podcast dedicated to all things music in web3. Let's f*****g go!"

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  • SoundMint Stem Player is now live - “Welcome to the SoundMint Interactive Experience. On our new Stem Player, you can create your own generative music using the stems from our collections. To create your own track, you can either randomize the stems using the dice or you can go through and build it out by selecting which stem you want for each line.”
  • MTV Adds ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ to its VMA Celebration - “Erstwhile celebration of all-things music, MTV, will honour the virtual realm in its future Video Music Awards. This year, adding ‘Best Metaverse Performance’ to its roster of achievements within the entertainment industry.”
  • 420 - “On 1st August 1969, British Progressive Rock band King Crimson first started recording 21st Century Schizoid Man. 0xDJ 420 was heavily inspired by the band King Crimson. To celebrate its influence on the 0xmusic project, all 0xDJs will play in the style of 0xDJ 420 on August 1 every year until the end of time.”
  • Music NFT Launchpad - “Getting started with Music NFTs is hard. Whether it’s the terminology, curation or cost - artists need support to become acclimated with the web3 community. I have learned first hand the importance of moving with intentionality as we build a more diverse and inclusive space for creators new to web3. To this notion, I’m excited to launch the Music NFT Launchpad  - a cohort of 10 artists brought together to learn about web3 and mint their first Music NFT.”

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