The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Obie from RCRDSHP // 08-01-2022

The Music NFT Show

Aug 1 2022 • 48 mins

The Week in Web3 Music Featuring Obie from RCRDSHP // 08-01-2022

Quick summary: An interview with Obie from RCRDSHP, 12 music platforms you need to try, the Audius post-mortem, and music NFTs as the next big thing.

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Artist Spotlight featuring Q (my beautiful daughter)

MG-Digital Heart by Sammy Arriaga #698 - METAGIRL (Digital Hearts)

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Obie from RCRDSHP

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  • 12 Music NFT Platforms You Need to Try Now - “This year has so far proved to be a very fruitful time within the music NFT ecosystem. The overall interest in the technology is increasing and the communities of music artists and CryptoArt collectors are growing at a rapid pace. These processes are also reflected in the amount of new music NFT platforms and the variety of offerings, approaches and long-term aims they have. As a result, we have decided to update and extend our list of The Best Music NFT Marketplaces and cover more music NFT-oriented platforms.”
  • Audius Governance Takeover Post-Mortem - “On July 23, 2022, the Audius governance, staking, and delegation contracts on Ethereum mainnet were compromised due to a bug in the contract initialization code that allowed repeated invocations of the initialize functions. The bug allowed an attacker to maliciously transfer 18MM $AUDIO tokens held by the Audius governance contract (referred to as the “community treasury”) to a wallet of their control and modify dynamics of the voting system to illicitly change their staked $AUDIO amounts in the network.”
  • The Next Big Thing in NFTs: Selling Them for Peanuts - “The pitch to fans: Support music or art out of goodwill, in exchange for a sense of ownership or patronage.”

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