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The Dr. John Delony Show is a caller-driven show that gives you real talk on relationships and mental health challenges. We want to talk to you! To send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291 or email read less

Our Editor's Take

On the other side of mental health crises, pain, and disconnection, there's happiness. That's precisely the message this podcast, The Dr. John Delony Show, delivers. Host John Delony is a doctor with two PhDs and two decades of experience as a counselor. This podcast is a wonderful resource for those struggling with mental health. Whether they're going through heartbreak or healing from trauma, his insight can help.

Unlike other mental health-forward podcasts, this one focuses on unscripted caller topics. Delony lets the audience lead the direction. He is open on his podcast about confronting his own mental illnesses and issues. The combination of his professional and personal experience creates a refreshing podcast.

The Dr. John Delony Show is great for those struggling. But the ultimate goal of this podcast isn't only to solve problems. The podcast is there to show listeners there's hope on the other side of what they face. Delony makes sure all listeners, not only the callers, know their struggles don't define them. And he offers insight and guidance in every episode.

Delony is intent on showing listeners the joy and happiness that exist on the other side. Audiences can consider this the first step on their path to wholeness.

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