The Prince | Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Power After Hours

Sep 29 2020 • 53 mins

This season is flying by, and as we reach the Mid-Season finale, Jeff and Krissy cover an action-packed episode of Ghost! The Prince by Machiavelli serves as the backdrop for how Tariq confronts his opponents and how people from his past could've used that mentality. Plus, Tariq in true Queens gentleman fashion breaks down options and why he is the prize, the women win by finally seeing Method Man nekkid, Jabari and Carrie on Demon time, Monet still cursing at her kids, sexuality, family, and Saxe scamming gene runs strong in the family. Lauren's Bougie parents, Maclean's infidelity, Stern's husband. Yeah this was a lot, and we cover it all in this episode of #PowerAfterHours!