“It’s not about talk, it’s about action.” || Don Forman, CEO & Founder, Forman Automotive

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Dec 21 2021 • 30 mins

Don Forman is one of the top names in the Vegas auto market.

As CEO of Forman Automotive, he’s now getting ready to open his sixth dealership in the greater Las Vegas area.

On this episode of Dealer News Today, Don tells how he found his career in Vegas by chasing opportunity, and he gives us a sense of the work ethic and passion that are behind the growth of his auto group.

Don wakes up each day at 4am and stays focused on his work until late in the evening, because he loves what he does. He’s constantly learning new skills in both life and business. He embraces success and the failures that come with it, saying, “It doesn’t take but one or two successes for you to overcome many failures. The real failure is not taking the risk and trying.”

And it all comes through on today’s interview.

Episode Highlights:

  • Don tells us how two key elements of his success are communication and planning, and he explains how he builds them into his business.
  • Don discusses Forman Automotive’s “united team trust meetings” and how he uses them to instill growth in his businesses, saying, “It's amazing, the information you get.”
  • Don shares about his role in the Fox 5 Surprise Squad and the hundreds of philanthropic acts the group has created around Las Vegas.

Episode Quote:

“You can’t truly take in and enjoy a great day or a great success unless you’ve been through the wringer. You’ve got to have the bad days, because that’s what amplifies your successful days.”

— Don Forman

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