“I am not a car person - I am a people person.” || Liza Borches, President and CEO, Carter Myers Automotive

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Apr 19 2022 • 28 mins

Liza Borches is a fourth-generation automotive dealer, but once upon a time, she never imagined she’d want to sell cars. Over the last 15 years, Carter Myers Automotive has experienced explosive growth, from three rooftops to 20 - and Liza, Cox Automotive’s 2020 Woman of the Year, says they’re ready to go even further.

Listen in while Liza Borches, President and CEO of Carter Myers Automotive, shares her passion for helping people through automotive sales, CMA’s philosophy of “Moving Lives Forward,” how she makes the most of business and family responsibilities, and more.

On this episode, Liza Borches talks with Derek D about employee ownership, the importance of transportation in shaping lives, and why she can’t do business on the golf course.

Carter Myers Automotive

Episode Highlights:

  • How Liza manages a packed schedule with 20 dealerships and raising teenage children
  • The “pivotal moment” that convinced Liza to go back to the retail side of the auto industry, and how she taught herself from scratch to run a dealership
  • The rare employee incentive that has helped Carter Myers Automotive’s longtime success
  • How an awkward moment at a Mets game gave Liza perspective on being a woman in a male-dominated field

“When I was growing up, I saw this business as ‘How many cars can we sell’ and ‘How many cars do we service’, and I didn’t experience the business from the perspective of the lives that we change and the people that we help.”

— Liza Borches

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