“What’s your game plan?” || Scott Biehl, CEO, Triunity Automotive Group

Dealer News Today Podcasts

Nov 30 2021 • 29 mins

Today we talk less about technical aspects of the auto industry, and more about what it means to be a professional in this business.

Scott Biehl has been learning and growing in his career for 35 years. At age 21, he took a semester off school to sell cars. He sold 15 vehicles in his first 12 days and never looked back. Today, he’s CEO of Triunity Automotive Group, with dealerships in Fresno and Los Angeles, CA.

On this episode, Scott talks about his habits and values. He shares how his daily routine helps create the success of his team, and he discusses how his professional standards ensure that the right people are advancing and growing the business.

Interview Highlights:

  • The many ways Triunity Auto Group is family-oriented — from the company’s origin story, to the values it imparts to employees, to its plans for future generations.
  • The questions and challenges Scott gives to employees who want to be promoted, to see if they’re up for it, asking, “What have you done outside of work to prepare yourself for this next role?”
  • Stories of how Scott developed his work ethic and his company’s values — from the lessons he learned as a kid, to the way he acted proactively when he saw the first signs of the inventory shortage.

Episode Quote:

“You should always be mentored by somebody, and you should always be mentoring somebody else.”

— Scott Biehl, CEO, Triunity Auto Group

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