Understanding critical inventory windows - Randy Kobat, VP Inventory Mngmt. Cox Automotive

Dealer News Today Podcasts

Jul 10 2020 • 25 mins

“Dealers need to fully understand inventory windows going into the future.”

Inventory is the hottest topic in the auto industry today. Dealers are facing huge challenges meeting demand and managing inventory levels.

Today we interview inventory expert Randy Kobat.

Randy Kobat is vice president of operations for Cox Automotive’s Inventory Management Solutions which includes vAuto, Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, and Rebates & Incentives businesses

Interview Highlights:

  • There is still a lot of uncertainty for the remainder of 2020. What dealers need to watch out for just over the horizon.
  • There is a very tight correlation between home sales and car sales and there is a reason dealers need to pay attention to those metrics.
  • What the OEMs didn’t understand about the pandemic and helping dealerships manage and maintain inventory levels.
  • Why dealerships are struggling to find quality used cars.


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