Novel Thinking Part 4 — "2021 could be phenomenal." | Jake Sodikoff, Dealer Principal at Steven Nissan (Harrisonburg, VA)

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Feb 11 2021 • 24 mins

Randy Kobat and Jake Sodikoff last spoke in March, at the beginning of the pandemic. Back then, Jake predicted the importance of used inventory during COVID. During 2020, his team was ahead of the curve, both in buying up inventory and providing at-home services to customers.

Today, Randy and Jake catch up on the events of 2020 and make new predictions for the year ahead in the automotive industry. In 2021,  Jake remains competitive in finding innovative ways to serve customers and move vehicle inventory.

Interview Highlights:

  • At what levels are Nissan and Toyota producing inventory, compared to normal times?
  • The importance of exploring better services and processes for streamlining home vehicle delivery.
  • Jake’s biggest takeaways on 2020—uncertainty, challenges in leadership, navigating the social and political environment—and his optimistic predictions for 2021.

Guest Quote:

“And as the market picks up, we’ll ride that wave and continue to be efficient with our turn.”

— Jake Sodikoff

Jake Sodikoffis Dealer Principal at Steven Nissanin Harrisonburg, VA. He is a board member of the Virginia Auto Dealers Association and Chairman of the NCM Velocity 20 Group.

Randy Kobat is VP of Operations for several Cox Automotive companies, including vAuto and Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer.

The DNT Podcast is a production of Cox Automotive and The Dave Cantin Group.


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