“The Infrastructure of the Future” || Mark LaNeve, President, Charge Enterprises

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Nov 22 2021 • 28 mins

As President of Charge Enterprises, Mark LaNeve is helping design and implement the 5G and EV charging technology of the future. And as Chairman of Franchise Equity Partners, he provides capital for multiple-franchise owners in the automotive industry and beyond, to help them grow their enterprises.

So this is already shaping up to be an interesting chat.

But before he held those positions, Mark held top positions at General Motors, Ford, Cadillac Motors, Allstate Insurance, and Volvo Cars North America. So he's seen a thing or two in the auto industry.

In this conversation, he tells the story of his career and gives his advice to others in the automotive industry. Mark also gives us the inside scoop on the development of our national infrastructure and how it will affect car dealerships, as we make simultaneous transitions to 5G connectivity and electric driving.

Interview Highlights:

  • Mark discusses the billions of dollars earmarked for 5G and EV charging in the infrastructure bill currently moving through Congress.
  • We learn how 5G technology and the interconnectivity of all digital technologies (your phone, the WiFi in your office, etc.) will guide self-driving cars.
  • Mark Explains how Franchise Equity Partners provide a unique hands-off, nearly no-governance approach to providing capital for franchise owners.

Episode Quote:

“The big differentiator is — to some extent your location and your facility — but more than anything else, it’s your team. And any dealer worth their salt in the industry will tell you that.”

— Mark LaNeve

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