“The process has to improve” || Kevin Tynan, Global Director of Automotive Research, Bloomberg Intelligence

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Sep 27 2022 • 28 mins

A trusted voice in automotive analysis and one of the original team members at Bloomberg Intelligence, Kevin Tynan has over 20 years of experience in his field. He is a lifelong gearhead who installed a lift in his garage to work on cars, a multi-time award winner for predictive accuracy from organizations such as Forbes and the Financial Times, and incidentally a member of the St. Anselm College Athletic Hall of Fame.

In this episode, Kevin talks to Derek D about the unusual way he got his first position in automotive industry research, the ways in which auto manufacturers are still in full control despite supply chain issues, and why he sees the pandemic-related effects on the auto industry as simply an equalization of supply and demand. Plus, he discusses why wanting to go back to pre-pandemic inventory levels is a dangerous wish, who is the sharpest negotiator in his family, and more.

Kevin Tynan

Episode Highlights:

  • How Kevin saw the signs of GM’s mid-2000s bankruptcy early, and the famous author who invited him to lunch to talk about it
  • A balanced look at charging over MSRP for new vehicles
  • What factors are affecting both supply and demand at the dealership level, including a deep dive into post-pandemic conditions
  • Why higher inventory levels may be possible for used vehicles, but not new ones

“The parties that are pulling the strings - basically in the form of supply - don’t want it to go back.”

— Kevin Tynan

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