“Hopefully those lessons stick” || Bernie Moreno, President, Bernie Moreno Companies

Dealer News Today Podcasts

Oct 7 2021 • 29 mins

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Bernie Moreno’s story shows the power of any person to pursue opportunity in America.

His family came to the U.S. from Columbia when he was five. His love of cars took him to the University of Michigan, then an early career working with Saturn’s corporate offices around the country. By 25, he was managing dealerships in Rhode Island, then Boston. He later bought a struggling Mercedes-Benz dealership in Cleveland, grew it into the most successful luxury dealership in the Midwest, and went on to own dealerships around the country.

More recently, Moreno’s company Ownum has released CHAMPtitles — a blockchain technology that securely digitizes car titles, making it safer and more efficient to transfer car ownership.

Now he’s on the campaign trail, running for a U.S. senate seat in Ohio. It was Moreno’s belief in self-determination and hard work that inspired him to run for office, much of which he derived from his career in automotive.

Interview Highlights:

  1. The future of blockchain in the auto industry.
  2. Can (or should) you buy a car with crypto currency?
  3. What are the good and bad habits that COVID has created in the car business?

Episode Quote:

“Once chips are more available, will they crank up production volume and oversupply cars? Will dealers go back into bad habits? Or will there be more equilibrium there? I’m hoping for the latter.”

— Bernie Moreno