“It’s All About Saving Time, Effort, and Energy That Comes Back to Your Bottom Line.”

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Jul 17 2020 • 23 mins

"It's an absolute no brainer ... We have to continue to digitize, to find these solutions that we're able to use easily."

Today’s interview is with Joey Yates, Senior Director of Business Operations at Dealertrack, and Tab Edmundson, VP of Client Solutions at IAA Total Loss Solutions. Their organizations have partnered to build digital tools, plus a network of insurance providers and auto lenders, that streamline complicated auto sales and add huge gains to dealerships’ bottom lines.

Interview Highlights:

  • How can successful partnerships combine resources to have an industry-changing impact?
  • How do the right digital tools save time, create sales, and lead to greater profits?
  • What are the data that show these tools are now more critical than ever to car dealers?


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