“We’re all very mobile” || Brandon Tomes, President, Brandon Tomes Subaru/Brandon Tomes Volkswagen

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Jun 14 2022 • 24 mins

A lifelong gearhead, a graduate of the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy, and a longtime employee of his family’s dealership, Brandon Tomes was destined to get into automotive sales. With Brandon’s initiative and his father’s blessing, he expanded the Tomes family’s automotive dealership holdings to include Brandon Tomes Subaru and Brandon Tomes Volkswagen.

Brandon sits down with Derek D to talk about learning the car business from the ground up, why Subaru dealerships in particular were best equipped to handle inventory shortages, and having as name everyone mispronounces. Plus, he opens up about being his father’s business partner, why he’s switched to driving pre-owned vehicles, and why practice runs for demolitions look so much better than they do on camera when filming a commercial.

Brandon Tomes Subaru - Tomes Auto Group

Episode Highlights:

  • How Brandon almost became a chef instead of going into automotive
  • The one tactic that has best helped the Tomes Auto Group dealerships increase allocations during a time of low inventory
  • Why Brandon thinks a large-scale built-to-order revolution isn’t possible yet
  • What it took for Brandon’s father to purchase a high-end car of his own for the first time
  • How responsiveness to customers can get them to change their minds on negative online reviews

“Working with family is great, but you want to make sure to leave your own mark also.”

— Brandon Tomes

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