“Our role is to put things that happen in context” || Stephanie Brinley, Associate Director of AutoIntelligence, S&P Global Mobility

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Mar 14 2023 • 29 mins

Three-decade automotive industry veteran Stephanie Brinley has serious Michigan roots, having been raised in the state and gotten her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Eastern Michigan University and Michigan State, respectively. In her position at S&P, Stephanie oversees the development of daily analytical content in addition to special research reports, turning the constant flow of automotive industry news into something actionable for clients. A member of the Automotive Press Association, Stephanie also has past experience in supplier-based strategic communications and supplier-OEM marketing relations, among other specialties in the automotive field.

In this episode, Stephanie talks to our host Derek D about why she loves working in an industry that’s always changing and moving, how the impact of COVID-19 and the rise of electric cars have made that change even faster than she anticipated, and why registration data is so important for forecasting automotive retail. Plus, she discusses the major sources of the learning curve for new, high-tech vehicle models, the future of auto shows, why dealerships need to work on pricing and financing transparency, and more.

Stephanie Brinley | S&P AutoIntelligence

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Stephanie is so excited about how the passion and enthusiasm inspired by cars will manifest themselves in new ways
  • The affordability issue and educational concerns around the increasing technology in cars
  • Why tablet-like interfaces in cars need to be both intuitive and expressive
  • How dealers can make the in-store car buying and financing process less painful, and therefore more attractive

“We still don’t have as many cars as we have people who want to buy them.”

— Stephanie Brinley

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