“There is an opportunity to create something in-between” || LeGrand Crewse, CEO, SUPER73

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Aug 15 2023 • 32 mins

LeGrand Crewse is the co-founder of Southern California-based electric personal mobility company SUPER73, and in 2019 took on his current role as CEO. LeGrand has over a decade of experience in the electric bicycle industry, from deciding to build his own e-bike until today. His background also includes corporate management, Li-Ion battery development, and international supply chain management. LeGrand holds both his BS in business management and his MBA in international business from Arizona State University in his native state.

In this episode, LeGrand joins Derek D for a lively conversation about a quickly-growing segment of the electric vehicle world. They discuss how LeGrand’s interest in electric mobility came from his own frustrations with his commute, how SUPER73 is pioneering bringing e-bikes to a younger crowd, and what it takes to interest new riders into powered two-wheeled experiences. Plus, the conversation covers how e-bike riders have been able to fly under the radar in many ways, why LeGrand is concerned about potential regulation, and more.


Episode Highlights:

  • How e-mobility products have recently seen success outside of traditionally strong areas like urban cores and coastal towns
  • Why SUPER73’s name partially comes from a late-20th-century economic crisis
  • How offering their products in surf shops and other lifestyle stores has opened up new demographics for SUPER73
  • The ways SUPER73 is aiming to deliver the cool factor of motorcycles without the intimidation for first-time riders

“E-bikes feel like being in a video game with a cheat code.”

— LeGrand Crewse

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