The War in Bethelehem

The Big Picture with Larry Ragland

Jan 16 2024 ā€¢ 46 mins

āœØLarry Ragland and The Big Picture take you on an in-depth journey into fully understanding the Nativity and the birth of Jesus. This is NOT a typical Christmas message

In this special episode, we uncover:

*"How Jesus Got His Blood Inside Mary" - Explore the divine mystery behind the conception of Jesus.

*The necessity of "Why Jesus Had to Have a Body" - Understand the profound reasons behind the incarnation.

*A breathtaking revelation about the "Host of Heavenly Angels" - Gain a new perspective on the celestial beings that play a pivotal role in the nativity story. This changes everything!



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You will NEVER look at Christmas the same way again!

Part three is a special Christmas series called "Christmas Unplugged." The untold stories of the Nativity.

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