E9| Uncertainty, Courage and Rising from the Ashes with Tia Meredith

Guided with Lindsay Morlock

Feb 1 2023 • 51 mins

In this episode of Guided, I chat with Tia Meredith – a Healer, writer, Courage Coach, and Marketing Goddess.  Tia’s journey has included: leaving her hometown and boldly moving countries alone, leaving her corporate job, fleeing an abusive relationship, and living her life on her terms. As Tia writes on her website, she ‘knows a thing or two about burning to the ashes like a phoenix and resurrecting as something new.  In this episode, we discuss:

  • Tia’s journey of leaving an abusive relationship and travelling to Greece alone;
  • How being in Greece allowed her to recover, heal, and learn new things about herself;
  • Uncertainty, and how it compels our growth – despite the persistent discomfort;The continual shedding and grieving of old selves and the labels we are given on the path;
  • How Spirit led her on her ‘Year of YOLO’ and guided her to the seventh-dimensional healing modality called Transference Healing®, of which she is now a practitioner, and finally,
  • Tia’s own perspective on the magic and miracles in her own life – big and small.

More about Tia:
Tia Meredith is a healer, writer, and leader. Born and raised in Missouri, she’s found her way across the U.S. and now across the ocean to Croatia. Living as a digital nomad, she works as a Marketing Director for a well-known spiritual publisher, but has finally come out of the closet as a healer through her training in Transference Healing. You can find out more about Tia and book a session with her by visiting her website: https://tiameredith.com

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