E5| Untangling Knots with Angelic Energy and Akashic Realm Practitioner: Ana Sarnoski

Guided with Lindsay Morlock

Jan 4 2023 • 52 mins

In this episode, Intuitive Macrame Artist, Angelic Energy Healer and Akashic Realm practitioner, Ana Sarnoski, and I connect to talk all things Spirit!

Ana begins by sharing with us her own awakening story, which includes her journey with postpartum depression and the exciting moment of recognizing and meeting one of her Guides for the first time. After learning how to communicate with them via dreams, symbols, her clairs, call signs, and tools like oracle cards and a pendulum, Ana has been guided on her own journey of physical and emotional healing, major life shifts, and intuitive ‘openings’ to become a powerhouse of a channel of the Angelic and Akashic realms.

As a busy stay-at-home mom, Ana’s Spiritual Support Team knows how to get her attention and how to ‘pack a punch’ when it comes to getting the most out of energy work in the most efficient way possible.  Ana also discusses how she encourages her two young children to explore their spirituality and maintain a sense of their own connection. Ana is a powerful healer and works from a place of walking her talk. She is a great advocate and example of trusting your guidance, taking spiritual responsibility, and encouraging others to do the same, as you’ll see throughout our conversation.

I hope you’ll enjoy this episode, and make sure to stay for the end, where Ana shares a beautiful and timely channeled message for all of us from Archangel Gabriel.

In this episode you’ll find:

  • Ana’s awakening story and postpartum journey
  • Why breathwork provided an opportunity for release and opening
  • Balancing her own spiritual practices while being a busy full-time Mom
  • How she helps guide her own children around their spirituality to encourage their own curiosity and development
  • How to integrate the use of call signs, seeing signs in nature and discerning messages from Spirit vs. Ego
  • Navigating the relationship between trusting Spirit and trusting Self
  • The unique ways in which Ana’s Guides work with her (spoiler alert: her Guides won’t let other healers do the healing for her)
  • Why it’s so important to run any kind of guidance through your own guidance system
  • Using your own body to feel your intuition

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