E1| My Personal Journey to Awakening and Living a Guided Life

Guided with Lindsay Morlock

Dec 20 2022 • 38 mins

We all awaken to our Divinity in our own time.  For some of us that path looks very sudden, while for others it can be a slow crawl over time.  For me, I found my own path by following a trail of breadcrumbs over many years that eventually unfolded into my “right” life.

Our lives our incredibly purposeful, as are the twists and turns we experience along the way.  In this episode I dive into my upbringing as well as the important struggles and synchronicities throughout my life that served as a catalyst for the unfolding of my spiritual path, the opening of my own intuitive gifts and ultimately, finding my pathway to peace and freedom.

While my evolution is an ongoing process, I do hope you begin to open to just how guided our lives truly are.

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