Evie S - Life Changes Over 35 Years in Recovery - Meeting 159


Apr 14 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Evie has been in CoDA for 35 years and has done service throughout most of that time at every level of the Fellowship in three different CoDA communities and at the world level.  She found CoDA after many years of therapy and other personal development efforts and believes that CoDA and the 12 steps have given her the most important tools she needed to heal her relationships especially with members of her family of origin.  She met the love of her life through recovery and they were together for 31 years and married for 29 before he passed away last June. Their relationship went through many periods of struggle and she truly believes that it would not have survived without the CoDA tools.  Her ongoing CoDA recovery and her many CoDA friends have been her primary support during this past year.

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Resources from this meeting:
Big Book Joe and Charlie
CODA Prayers
What You Feel, You Can Heal - John Gray
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