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Kali Rogers, CEO and Founder of Blush Life Coaching and Elise Dean, Creative Director and Senior Life Coach, team up to deliver humorous, supportive, but no-bullshit guidance to listeners in need of urgent advice.

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Ep 49: We Never Have it Figured Out
Ep 49: We Never Have it Figured OutEp 48: New Life and LonelyEp 47: Career, Conflict, and ComparisonEp 46: Loves Me NotEp 45: Leave His A$$Ep 44: AM I AN ADULT?Ep 43: Doing the MOSTEp 42: Can a Tiger Change Its StripesEp 41: Put Your Big Girl Panties OnEp 40: Rapid Fire Round TwoEp 39: Rapid Fire: Let’s Roll.Ep 38: Two Truths And A LieEp 37: Wearing White and Seeing RedEp 36: WTF Do I Do If I’m Infertile?Ep 35: Chronically Ill and Over ItEp 34: I’m Introverted - Not InsecureEp 33: Stop Doing Sh*t, You‘ll Be FineEp 32: Like Mother, Like DaughterEp 31: It Gets Better...EventuallyEp 30: Get a Hobby, Not a Divorce