37: Brain Hacking Your Way Out of Procrastination and the Lack of Motivation

Get Your Life Together, Girl

Jan 25 2022 • 52 mins

Do you struggle with procrastination? What about the lack of motivation? So many do and even identify as procrastinators. This belief can overrun our lives! It can even cause higher levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and a host of other negative feelings. This week we are taking a different approach to procrastination as we examine what these habits are at their roots and how our mindset and thinking patterns are the true culprits. From there, we are brain hacking our way out of our full stops and onto the path of true motivation in this week's one-on-one deep dive.

So, let's shift our perspective and our mindset toward thriving instead of habitually trying to survive.

Key Takeaways:

00:00 Introduction

01:35 Other names and behaviors procrastination goes by

02:52 A question many may have asked themselves: "Is this just who am I?"

03:44 Truth #1: Procrastination is a habit, not a character trait

05:06 A workable definition of procrastination

05:30 An example of true procrastination and an understanding of unnecessary factors

08:13 When these behaviors move from mild disruption to life stopping issues

09:30 The number one culprit at the root of both procrastination and lack of motivation is our thinking: the ins, outs, and the impact

12:15 Changing our self-prescribed labels and how the words we say to ourselves cements our thoughts into beliefs

16:00 The progression of procrastination that can easily be witnessed each time it begins, and how to stop it before it gets started once you understand its pattern

18:08 The Pattern Explained:

If we do not have a clear "how" and "why," we do not get started, and the snowball effect begins

20:16 Uncertainty rises, overthinking begins, and thus begins the negative thought cycle

20:55 Anxiety rises and takes over rational thought patterns

22:03 Deeper indecision occurs welcoming in forecasting and the dreaded "what ifs."

22:55 Anxiety is a loop and cycle: procrastination induces the loop

24:40 Additional behaviors and patterns that cause procrastination: #1 Fear of Failure, which is an enemy to motivation

26:08 #2 Lack of purpose: shifting our mindset around purpose. Purpose is not a one-off element, an all-encompassing umbrella. Everything we do has a purpose that can be disconnected from overall life purpose.

28:02 #3 Urgency Driven Mindset: what it is and how you may be engaging in it without knowing this is your mindset mainstay

29:59 #4 Perfectionism: how this is rooted in full stops

31:21 #5 Black and White Thinking or Polarized Thinking

34:10 Brain hacking our way to action

Brain Hack #1: Get into the root cause: The "why" and seek the pattern

35:23 Brain Hack #2: Listen to your inner conversation: what are you saying to yourself and disrupt the conversation with truth

37:18 Brain Hack #3: Look at your physical activity and change your patterns

39:29 Brain Hack #4: The 20-Minute Chunk Down: Removing distractions and putting effort into 20 minutes of set time

41:23 Brain Hack #5: Putting rewards in place to get started: What do you have to gain through action?

42:39 Additional practical tools to help you act: A targeted, specifically focused to-do list, the 10-minute rule, and pair your most challenging tasks with a support system

48:12 Self-care in the most authentic form: When we burn out, we procrastinate as a form of self-preservation. Ways to engage in self-care: Adopting a mindset of physical and mental health a priority.

·      Look at your thinking patterns and behaviors

·      Saying no to extra obligations

·      Showing up for yourself first

·      Setting boundaries

·      Standing up for yourself

·      Being mindful

·      Making your emotional health a priority

·      Knowing your limits and capabilities

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