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Foodie Shack Podcast: Restaurant Review: Bae’s Catering
Jun 29 2022
Foodie Shack Podcast: Restaurant Review: Bae’s Catering
Chef Ced and Lisa take a culinary adventure into the world of Nigerian food at Bae’s Catering owned and operated by Ms Bea.  We try authentic Egusu soup and goat meat amongst other delicious foods. Listen and learn. And if you are in the Duncanville, TX area check her out. Catering Nigerian Soul FoodOwner name: Mrs. BeasCozy Spot small dining area Authentic Nigerian Food Owner very nice about explaining the foods on her menu , gave her honest opinion on what we would like and not like. Meat Pies and puff puffsPuff puffs where good reminds me of a dense donut but not real sweet fried perfectly nice texture Iitely spice. Would be good with some tea Meat pie: I’ve enjoyed a lot of meat pies in my life each has its own texture and flavor these had a thicker crust and the flavor was ver good nice way to start a meal Eguisa SoupThis dish here hit the palate very flavorful and spicy o could eat this over and over. This was a nice soup o enjoyed this very much The jolifa rice had a good taste to it plantains where good meat a little tigger than I’m use to but was very flavorful The mango chicken greens and dirty rice hit the spot could do that again. Overall it was a very good experience I enjoyed the food and the authenticity of it and yes I would recommend this restaurant for some good Nigerian food. This was a good experience thanks to Mrs. Bea for showing us great hospitality today and sharing with us her love and passion for food!!