I Leave You Love - The Life and Times of Mary McLeod Bethune Episode 1 'Fear'

Vanitas Arts

Mary McLeod Bethune - African American Activist, Educator and World Changer - A remarkable woman who became one of the most important Black educators, civil and Women's Rights leaders of the 20th Century. Born on 10th July in Mayesville, Carolina, USA in 1875; One of 15 children; Mary knew struggle and how segregation impacted. Grown-up to defy and challenge the KKK who terrorised, used violence and murder to keep Black citizens under the Jim Crow mob rule. The klan and their supporters were never very far from Mary's endeavours, her efforts and achievements, but the force of her will power endured. I Leave You Love - Mary Macleod Bethune is a new drama written by Dr Anita Franklin, directed by Amanda Huxtable and produced by Vanitas Arts. This new drama based, episodic podcast, released in October 2021 celebrates the work and Black History Month - with extracts from Anita's forthcoming drama, provocations and commentary from Black female guests, Digital Storyteller and Director Amanda Huxtable and writer Desirée Reynolds. ​Our podcast episodes will explore Mary's life and ask key questions on how her experiences and achievements impact and resonate today. CONTENT WARNING - PLEASE NOTE OUR PODCAST INCLUDES SOME MATERIAL AND DISCUSSIONS ON RACIAL THREATS AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. ​ ADVISORY FOR MINIMUM AGE 13+ OR AT YOUR DISCRETION