Resilience is the willingness to receive and ask for help

Resilience & You

May 10 2021 • 1 hr

Many of us have experienced a challenge that has left us feeling alone in understanding how to solve it. The fear of disappointing others if we share what’s happening amplifies feelings of isolation and blocks our ability to see a solution that can help us move forward. This week, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, Sweta Rajan joins Beth to share how her resilience learnings brought light to the fact that we are never alone in our challenges. Her resilience journey has taught Sweta that asking for help and a willingness to receive can create miracles. By opening herself up to receive from others and graciously accepting the wisdom and support offered, Sweta will share how she’s been able to navigate challenges she has faced with traditional cultural expectations, with immigration, and with systemic racism. In episode 10 of Resilience & You listen in to learn how the power of asking for help and letting others help you can strengthen your resilience in navigating challenges you may be faced with.