S.G. Goodman, ep. 167

Basic Folk

Jun 2 2022 • 58 mins

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Editor’s note: Lizzie No interviews S.G. Goodman on Basic Folk! Be sure to go back and listen to Lizzie’s previous guest host spots on the pod and subscribe, so you never miss Lizzie!

S.G. Goodman’s Kentucky upbringing is front and center in a lot of her songwriting. She is an artist concerned not just with her roots, but also with what it means to stay and invest in community even when it is hard. We started our conversation digging into the DIY music scene that inspired SG’s Jim James-produced debut album, ‘Old Time Feeling.’

Goodman’s new record, ‘Teeth Marks,’ portrays the scars of love and grief. It is a complex, rock-inflected album rooted in relationship. Whether telling a story of romantic love, playfully establishing a connection between the artist and audience, or interrogating a community’s attitude toward the ‘other,’ these songs made me think long and hard about what we are really doing when we talk to each other.

SG was also down to talk religion and politics, addressing which issues she wishes more artists would discuss in their works. She is a serious person, a singular artist, and a fascinating person to talk with.

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