Crafting a Lasting Music Career with Mindset and Strategy

After The Master: A Musician's Guide

Jan 12 2024 • 40 mins

Embark on a transformative journey with me, Matt Ebso, and the Rock Star Advocate, Suzanne "Suz" Paulinksi, as we conquer the daunting 'now what' that plagues artists at production's end. We're peeling back the curtain on the less glamorous, yet crucial side of music: the business and strategic planning necessary for a sustainable career. From my real-world experiences and Suzanne's psychological prowess, we offer up a treasure trove of insights for musicians who are ready to turn their creative output into a thriving livelihood.

This series isn't about chasing the fleeting glimmer of fame; it's about constructing a music career that's as resilient as it is rewarding. We tackle the misconceptions that can lead artists astray and share personal tales of finding fulfillment outside the major label limelight. Suzanne's expertise in mindset coaching shines as we delve into setting achievable goals and developing productivity habits that cater to the unique rhythm of the music industry. It's about making music with heart, and ensuring your passion doesn't get lost in the pursuit of success.

In our final notes, we get real about the entrepreneur's messy journey and the potent 'thousand true fan theory'. Recognizing the importance of pacing and intention, I open up about my experiences with the pressures of constant growth and the power of connecting with your audience. We wrap up with a focus on authenticity, encouraging musicians to cherish their current fans over the relentless hunt for new ones. So tune in, get inspired, and start charting your own course in the music industry with us by your side.