Episode 9 - Sam Lacoste

The Beauty Solopreneur

Aug 26 2021 • 49 mins

In this episode, our Host and IBP Founder Lynzie Smith and Samantha Lacoste discuss the journey of launching a Podcast, creating Education Online, and the responsibility that comes with Entrepreneurship! How do you find balance with a full plate? As a Salon Owner, Hairstylist and Educator from Winnipeg, Canada, Sam started in the Industry before Instagram existed & before other Hairstylists shared their secrets to success! She knows how hard it can be to grow a business & clientele, especially in an Industry that is constantly changing, so her mission is to help as many Hairstylists & Salon Owners keep inspired and keep growing. She created Secret Life of a Hairstylist Podcast to do just that, uncover the Secrets of the Industry & help others grow. Sam shares how she’s planned out exactly where she wants her own businesses to grow, and the thoughtfulness she’s put into these plans.

Topics discussed:

  1. Commission vs. Independent- Helping Artists Determine what works Best for their Businesses
  2. Finding Balance within the Professional Responsibility that comes with Entrepreneurship
  3. Growing through Coaches, Courses, and Community

Links mentioned in this episode: www.samanthalacoste.com www.instagram.com/hairbysamlacoste/ www.instagram.com/heyelizabethfaye/

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