TikTok Sensation Cathy Pedrayes shares about her brand-new (And VITAL) book, what her Mom thinks of her 2.3M+ followers, and why Cyber is the biggest threat these days to our kids...Listen now!

What The Parent?

Apr 12 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

So what keeps TikToker Cathy Pedrayes up at night (other than her brand new baby)? How to put out the most meaningful, important, and relevant safety tips out there for people of all types and ages!

Super-aware, whip-smart, and downright engaging, Cathy shares the story of her iconic look of wearing a blue dress and pearls, how she became THE "Mom Friend" to not only her friends but to the over 2.3 Million followers she has on TikTok, and how she is dropping her brand-new and awesome book this week for everyone to have as a safety reference guide!

Why listen to her? Because she has several videos out there on TikTok that has over 30 Million views and counting, and they are so very helpful to everyone. Super-smart advice, so darned good for teens, tweens, and everyone! Have a listen and enjoy!

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