Bonnie Schneider: Uber-Respected National/International Meteorologist and Author of brand new book "Taking The Heat" shares how to deal with EcoAnxiety, how we all need a Plan for any event, and how she became who she is today!

What The Parent?

Mar 1 2022 • 52 mins

Bonnie Schneider has done it all and seen it all...And she's been in the game long enough to know that things are changing, and from a meteorological perspective, changing for the worse. In her excellent new book, Taking The Heat, she delves into how Climate Change is having an effect on everyone's lives, how to see it for what it is, how we can best cope with it, and hopefully how we can learn to adapt and thrive. Funny, down to Earth, and just Real, Bonnie shares her insight and learning with us in a delightful conversation. Enjoy, and check out her links below!


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Facebook: Bonnie Schneider Weather

Twitter: @bonnieweather

Instagram: @bonnieschneider

Website: WeatherandWellness.com

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