The Magicians: Curses! Framed Again

Rachel Lawson

Dr Death the coroner stood in the morgue autopsying a victim attributed to his son the Necromancer. Then out of thin air appeared a grim reaper.

"I see dead people," it said the doctor jumped startled by the sudden appearance of the reaper.

"Ha! Ha! Very funny, boy," said the doctor humourlessly, "This is a friend of yours I hear say hello to him."

"I've never met him in life," The reaper the Necromancer said.

"Are you serious?" asked Dr Death grimly.

"Yes who is he?" replied the Necromancer, "It's starting to look like anyone can kill someone and frame me for it."

"That means there is another killer out there it is serious," the coroner grumbled.

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"The people in blue won't believe you when you tell them it is another killer," said the Necromancer.

"Looks like we will have to catch them ourselves, boy," said Dr Death to his son.

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