Why an HSA Is Worth It for Many Millennials

Financially Well

Nov 15 2021 • 9 mins

Did you know that HSAs, or health savings accounts, offer better tax benefits than most investment accounts? Yet, uncertainty about the details has led many Millennials to question why an HSA is worth it for them.

Welcome to the millennial finance podcast Financially Well. In this episode, Kevin Mahoney, CFP® will discuss why an HSA is worth it for many Millennials who want to grow their wealth. And he’ll talk about how you can minimize any concerns you may have about investing in a health-specific account.

Kevin, who specializes in financial planning for Millennials, regularly hears from peers who wonder whether they should add yet another account to their personal finance to-do list. As Morningstar journalist Christine Benz writes, though, you have “two key ways to get your money out sooner without negating the tax benefits of the HSA.”