Why Isn’t Your Qualifying Employer Promoting PSLF News?

Financially Well

May 1 2022 • 14 mins

Do your federal student loans qualify for public service loan forgiveness? They might, and you may not even know it.

Welcome to Financially Well, the finance podcast for Millennials. In this episode, Kevin Mahoney, CFP® will discuss public service loan forgiveness, also known as PSLF. Did you know that public service loan forgiveness eligibility depends on whether your employer qualifies, not your specific job?

Kevin, who specializes in financial planning for Millennial parents, will talk about how too many people, including the financial aid director at a Wisconsin state college, don’t fully understand how PSLF works. The potential financial consequences are significant, since with PSLF – unlike other types of student loan forgiveness – the debt amounts forgiven aren’t considered taxable income to the borrower.