Breaking Down A Classic Mis-Pitch w/ The Table Tyke

Another Bite - A Shark Tank Rewatch Podcast

Feb 15 2024 • 15 mins

What’s a group of plump babies called? Heavy infantry. That one always gives me a giggle. Will today’s product similarly please the sharks or are they about to take a bite out of these founders. It promises to get messy. Or not, depending on how effective the product truly is.  Hosts Jorie Munroe, Ariel Boswell, and Jon Dick jump into the tank with their business insights on Shark Tank products. Listen for: Making a niche product more generalized Expanding from the kids market to the adult market Tapping into social media and blogs for exposure Know a segment or company we should feature from Shark Tank? Let us know at Another Bite is a HubSpot Original Podcast // Brought to you by The HubSpot Podcast Network // Production by Arie Desormeaux. Editing by Robert Hartwig and support from Alfred Schulz.