Inside the Tank: What’s it REALLY like being on Shark Tank? w/ PaddleSmash

Another Bite - A Shark Tank Rewatch Podcast

Jan 4 2024 • 28 mins

We have a very, very special set of guests with us today. We have two entrepreneurs who were recently on Shark Tank to pitch PaddleSmash, the love child between Pickleball and Spikeball.  Tim Swindle and Scott Brown join us to talk about their business and about the behind-the-scenes experience of being inside The Tank.  Hosts Jorie Munroe, Ariel Boswell, and Jon Dick jump into the tank with their business insights on Shark Tank products. Listen for: Licensing vs. inventing Building off of an existing trend Boiling down your pitch Know a segment or company we should feature from Shark Tank? Let us know at Another Bite is a HubSpot Original Podcast // Brought to you by The HubSpot Podcast Network // Produced by Matthew Brown.