Making a Comeback After Losing Everything w/ Wally Amos

Another Bite - A Shark Tank Rewatch Podcast

Jan 2 2024 • 12 mins

If you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to ask for a glass of milk. If you give a shark a cookie, they may just take your entire company. Today in the tank, we have a famous founder looking to sell happiness one cookie at a time.  Hosts Jorie Munroe, Ariel Boswell, and Jon Dick jump into the tank with their business insights on Shark Tank products. Listen for: Seeking a business partner to cover your weaknesses Aligning price point, to market, to messaging Pivoting after failure Know a segment or company we should feature from Shark Tank? Let us know at Another Bite is a HubSpot Original Podcast // Brought to you by The HubSpot Podcast Network // Produced by Matthew Brown.