The Luxury Marketing Behind This $160 Baby Blanket w/ Au Baby

Another Bite - A Shark Tank Rewatch Podcast

Feb 27 2024 • 16 mins

As Mother used to say, “No use crying over spilled milk.” Well, with today’s product you certainly don’t need to! That’s right folks! Our founder aims to take the stress out of the baby mess with this innovative spin on the baby blanket.  Hosts Jorie Munroe, Ariel Boswell, and Jon Dick jump into the tank with their business insights on Shark Tank products. Listen for: Aligning messaging for a luxury market Telling a textile story for your brand Digital marketing vs. PR marketing Know a segment or company we should feature from Shark Tank? Let us know at Another Bite is a HubSpot Original Podcast // Brought to you by The HubSpot Podcast Network // Production by Arie Desormeaux. Editing by Robert Hartwig and support from Alfred Schulz.