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On his private space station high above Earth, Professor Burkhead has begun conducting a ground-breaking social experiment. Each week, his “Unifier” pairs together two unlikely creatures and puts them in a room together where the two subjects (an accountant and a giant squid, one week; a porcupine and a ballerina the next, etc) talk, debate, get to know each other, and maybe learn something new about themselves in the process.

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May 20 2021
2 mins
Gorilla / Pastry ChefDog / Sanitation WorkerFlamingo / Halloween Store OwnerMeerkat / Social Media InfluencerVampire Bat / DirectorBee / Fragrance ChemistArctic Tern / Travel WriterMimic Octopus / Interior DesignerBluejay / Opera SingerShark / DentistCheetah / Bike MessengerMoth / FirefighterSquirrel / Security GuardWombat / ArchitectComing Soon!