How to boost your baby's biome

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Aug 10 2022 • 24 mins

We hear a lot about the first 3 years of a baby’s life — how critical those years are to brain development. But today’s guest, the author of The Baby and the Biome, would argue that the same window is just as critical for our gut. Probiotics may have a role in keeping that system healthy. But are probiotics helpful to babies? And what about when you’re pregnant? Jessica Rolph, your host, welcomes Meenal Lele, founder of Lil’ Mixins.


[1:39] When do babies pick up their first dose of bacteria?

[2:54] How does birth affect this bacterial environment? How does the introduction of bacteria differ between a C-section and a vaginal birth?

[4:56]  What can people who have C-sections do to replicate the bacteria that’s introduced during a vaginal birth?

[5:58] Should parents bathe their babies right away, or is there any benefit to letting them go unbathed for those first few days?

[7:18] What are significant sources of good bacteria for your baby to build their microbiome in those first weeks?

[9:18] What kind of probiotics does Meenal recommend for mixing into formula? How do you work those into breast milk?

[11:11] When our babies start to eat solid foods, should we supplement with probiotics?

[12:51] What are other benefits of probiotics and supplementation?

[14:22] What would Meenal do if she had a baby now, knowing everything she knows?

[17:18] Why have human microbiomes lost microbial diversity?

[21:52] Jessica shares her top takeaways from the conversation with Meenal.

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