The Adventure of the Wild, But Friendly, Cheetahs [12]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

May 22 2022 • 12 mins

This children's podcast is about miscommunication that turns out OK in the end. Bobo Chico receives a note and image from Leadranssa, the Wood Elf who lives in an elf watchtower in Sherwood Forest. He and Bear King drive through a snowstorm and search for her home at the bottom of the hill and under the bridge. Loar and Roen, wearing their Cheetah coats, also receive a message to meet in Sherwood Forest. As Leadranssa watches, and calls from the top of the hill, Bear King and Bobo Chico circle the hill ― as Loar and Roen do the same. When Bear King confronts the "wild cheetahs," he learns they are actually Loar and Roen. While celebrating with Leadranssa in her watchtower, she corrects Bobo Chico’s misinterpterion of her message.