The Farther Adventure - Bobo Chico's New Friend [S2:E8]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

May 15 2023 • 13 mins

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Heading away from Clumenji and the Wizard of the Desert’s wonderful El Castillo Encantado, the four friends merrily follow the pathway toward the Great River of Wonderland. They paddle down the river in a Dragon Boat, enter a great canyon, and marvel at its rugged beauty. After an exciting journey through the rapids, they take a midday break. The brothers and Bear King enjoy a well-deserved nap, but Bobo Chico is too curious to sleep and goes in search of food. While picking some fruit, he’s startled and scared by a curious coyote and he twists his ankle. However, Bobo Chico learns that the coyote is also scared of his shadow. In spite of his own injury, Bobo Chico naturally wants to help the coyote. And when the coyote sees that Bobo Chico is friendly and hurt, he introduces himself as ‘Kyle’. Bobo Chico can help Kyle overcome his fear, but he’s going to need help getting back to the Dragon Boat. Kyle races to the boat and convinces Bear King to come and help Bobo Chico.  Bobo Chico, in turn, asks Bear King to help Kyle with his problem, which he does by making up a song about self-awareness and friendship. As the full moon comes up over the hills, they all hear the howls of coyotes and see a solitary figure framed by the moonlight. Kyle is now one of the pack amongst his friends.

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