The Farther Adventure - Spinning Yarns and Webs [S2:E11]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

Jun 5 2023 • 19 mins

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Cart Benright warns Bear King that they’ll be heading into a region that was used by pirates. He’s concerned about a possible dangerous portion of the pathway known as the pirate bridge.  Loar and Roen are both excited and nervous to go into ‘pirate country’ and are hoping they might find treasure.  Bear King tries to calm their fears by saying nobody would dare mess with a ‘tried and true’, brave warrior!  Bobo Chico is relieved to hear Bear King’s expression of bravery and courage but wonders if he’s relying too much on his past glories. Bear King leads them down the mountain while singing a song of past battles fought and won (over bees and jars of honey).  When they come to the pirate bridge, he urges the others to wait while he inspects the bridge.  At the mid-span, the ancient wood boards and rusty cables cannot withstand his bountiful weight, and they start to groan, creak, and crack.  Bobo Chico quickly realizes the King of Bears is facing a great peril, and looking frantically around notices a large spider.  He strikes up a conversation with ‘Darwin’, the Bark Spider, and learns that he was rebuffed from fixing the bridge years ago by the pirates.  Roen has a brainstorm and strikes a deal with Darwin.  With Darwin’s help the bridge is fixed and Bear King is saved from certain death.  Darwin leads the group to the pirate’s treasure chest, but they cannot read the pirate map. But it's Loar and Roen who realize that the treasure map was written backwards!  With this new information, they learn they can find their way back home! They celebrate by singing a pirate song.

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