The Farther Adventure - Wonderland [S2:E1]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

Apr 3 2023 • 10 mins

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This children’s podcast is a continuation of Season 1, Episode 13 that brought together all the friends at a party. This new series, The Farther Adventures of Bear King and Bobo Chico, begins as Bear King and Bobo Chico get lost in the balloon as it floats away from Portland. At the same time, back in Portland’s South Waterfront, Loar and Roen discover Bear King’s backpack under the picnic table. Looking inside, they see Bear King’s magic wand but are nervous about touching it. Startled by Carl the Crow, Loar coincidently utters a magic phrase…and ‘poof!’ both boys are transported into the balloon.  While Bear King and Bobo Chico are delighted to see the boys, they are concerned about how they will all get back home. When the balloon passes through a cloud, an electric disturbance transmits them all into a wonderous, fantastic place, over the rainbow into Wonderland!

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Special thanks to our producer, Scott Whitney of PodWorx.