The Adventure to Japan [S3:E2]

Bear King & Bobo Chico Stories for Kids

May 13 2024 • 18 mins

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Bear King, Bobo Chico, Loar, and Roar are arriving at Narita Airport in Japan. The boys are excited, but have trepidations about traveling in a strange land. The hosts greet and guide them through the airport to the rail line to Tokyo. Bobo Chico is confident (overly so) that his smartphone will navigate all language, trip, and map challenges. However, he loses this phone on the train and doesn’t discover it's lost until he really needs it. Bobo Chico becomes flustered, rude, and selfish about his own needs. With Loar and Roen’s help, Bear King uses his diplomatic good manners to seek out help. At their hotel, Bear King works with the local authorities to find Bobo Chico’s phone. They celebrate with their new friends at a local ramen noodle restaurant, where Loar and Roen are presented with special Japanese ‘robes.’

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Special thanks to our producer, Scott Whitney of PodWorx.